Mníšek - Fojtka

The first settlements on the territory of  village were built along a forest trail, which later formed a road from Liberec to Frýdlant. The first mention of the village Fojtka is from 1559.

In 1960 the village Fojtka was connected to the town of Mníšek near Liberec.

The villages of Mníšek and Fojtka are surrounded by Jizera Mountains and forests and offer a number of hiking and cycling trails. In Fojtka is also the best golf course in the Liberec region.

Pension Zajeci dul

Pension Zajeci dul is located in the village Fojtka - Mnisek near town Liberec, in the section called Zajeci dul. Pension offers a relaxing stay literally in the heart of nature Jizera Mountains. The advantage of the pension is also very easy access to the regional city of Liberec, which offers a variety of services including culture and entertainment. In winter you can use the ski resort Jested for day or night skiing. The town of Liberec is 10 kilometers away. The guesthouse is also an ideal setting for small teambuilding events or family celebrations.

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