Rock towns and formations

Holubník Lookout Rock


The top of Mount Holubník with a lookout rock provides superb panoramic views of the surrounding Jizerské Hory.

Pohanské Kameny


The Pohanské Kameny - Pagan Rocks are located in the uplands of Frýdlant, in the locality of Višňová.

Pytlácké Kameny


Pytlácké Kameny - Poacher`s Rocks are among most popular peaks of the Jizerské Hory.

Ořešník Lookout Rock


The rock dominant feature of Ořešník, a part of the uplands of the Smědavská pahorkatina, rises above the municipality of Hejnice, 800 m above sea level.

Frýdlantské Cimbuří Mountain


The rocks that resemble battlements comprise several granite towers. The path up to the lookout point on the rock platform is led throughout scenic terrains and over stone bridges.

Krásná Máří


The Krásná Máří is a popular lookout rock in the Jizerské Hory.

Paličník Lookout Rock

Bily Potok

The shaped rock lookout point is situated at the western side of Klínový Vrch, a short ridge between the valleys of the Hájený Potok and the Smědá River in the Jizerské Hory.

Kočičí Kameny

Lazne Libverda

The lookout rock called Kočičí Kameny - Cat`s Stones is situated to the north of Bílý Potok.


Velke Hamry



The robust granite rock is a natural monument.