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Nová Mýtina – the Scholze Cross and Selská skála (Yeoman’s Rock)

Smržovka 46851

At Novy Mitina at the point where the Smržovská sledge run crosses the road from Horní Černá Studnice to Smržovská a wayside cross (1900) stands between two trees. It comprises a slim granite plinth and an iron cross with the saviour. The cross was erected by Josef Scholze, forester and owner of a nearby inn, on his return from Brazil, where he had intended to settle. Scholze’s great expectations were, however, dashed by the harsh conditions of Brazil and after some time he decided to return to his homeland. On the return voyage his ship was nearly wrecked in a storm. On his return home to the Jizera Mountains Scholze built the cross as thanks for his deliverance.

Shortly after construction of the tower on Černá Studnice the Jablonec mountain association, together with the Smržovská branch of the Jizera- Ještěd association opened a path to the summit from the Smržovská side, which passes by the Scholze Cross. This path became route of the original sledge run, which was inaugurated by the Smržovská branch in 1912. A new concrete and wood sledge run was built close to the cross by TJ Spartakem Smržovka from 1972 – 1975.

A few hundred metres further on, in the direction of Smržovská, the road descends into the forest. Lying off the road to the right, just after the last house, there is a massive and craggy rock formation, known as Selská skála (ger. Bauernstein, Yeoman’s Rock) – the last significant rock formation in this part of the forest. The peculiar rock takes its name from one-time land-owner Anton Feix, known locally as “Beuers Anton”, who inherited this piece of land from his father in 1801. The rock formation and surroundings were purchased by the Jizera- Ještěd association from the then owner to protect the rock from being broken up by the considerable number of local masons.

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