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Hanibal climbing arena

Na Bídě
Liberec 46001
Telefon: +420 775 666 816
Telefon: +420 775 700 701
Climbing wall in the former quarry. Right in the city center - 3 minute walk from the central station \"Fügnerova\"

The Hanibal Mountaineering Arena in winter


The Hanibal Mountaineering Arena brings mountaineering to the wider public in all its forms. The arena’s unique location in the very centre of Liberec enables its patrons to try out various climbing techniques (including ice climbing in winter), types of materials and equipment and to do so in places which, unlike the arena, are not accessible by tram.


When it is so cold that all you want to do is to stay at home, that is the time when the mountaineering arena comes alive.  You can try out ice climbing (an activity which used to be reserved for high mountains) in comfort and safety and under the supervision of experienced instructors. It is also suitable for children from 120 cm tall.

Come and see the ice kingdom at night when the spotlights light up the ice. The play of light and shadow in the ice crystals.


Technical parameters:

A place for training glacier climbing, 10 lines, belaying and rescue training, a inclined icicle and an icy overhang.

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